Swimmer Wave Assignments by Last Name

Swimmer Psych Sheet Sorted by Sex, Division, Age

Hello 20th Annual Fat Salmon Open Water Swimmers,

We are excited to have you part of this year’s event.  Your participation inspires us to host this event each year.   Many thanks to those of you who helped recruit kayakers, SUPs, power boaters and other volunteers.  We are ready for Saturday.  We want YOU to be too.  This final reminder contains important pre-race information, and the wave assignment you will need to know for check-in at the event.  Please review it carefully ahead of time to avoid surprises.


1.    Time Schedule

2.    Wave Numbers and Age/Wetsuit Divisions

3.    Wetsuit vs. Non-Wetsuit Division Changes

4.    Travel and Traffic

5.    Parking

6.    Stragglers and Time Limit

7.    Trouble on the Course

8.    What to Bring

9.    Timing Chip

10.  Swimmer Check-in/Out of Water

11.  Merchandise

12.  Drawing for Prizes

13.  Refunds & Substitutions (sorry there are not any)

14.  Late / Day of Race Registration

15.  Thanks to our Volunteers

16.  Thanks to our Sponsors

17.  Questions

1.    TIME SCHEDULE: Please be on time.  Seriously.  If you are late, you likely won’t be able to participate.

  • 6:00 a.m. — Check in opens (look for table with your wave number)

  • 7:00 a.m. — Check in closes

  • 7:05 a.m. — Mandatory Safety Meeting

  • 7:20 a.m. —leave Madison Park and CARPOOL to the start at Day St Boat Ramp - 1402 Lakeside Ave S, Seattle WA

  • 8:15 a.m. — 1st wave starts!

  • 8:18 a.m. –   2nd wave starts

  • 8:21 a.m. –  3rd wave starts

  • 8:24 a.m. – 4th wave starts

  • 8:27 a.m. – 5th wave starts

  • 10:00 a.m. –  Preliminary Results Posted

  • 10:20-10:45 a.m.-   Awards and Drawings (approximate)

2.    WAVE NUMBERS AND AGE/WETSUIT DIVISIONS:  See the top of this page for a document showing your swimmer wave assignment for check-in. It also includes information on your planned wetsuit vs. no wetsuit division, age as of 12/31/19 per USMS Open Water competition rules.  Please review and if corrections are needed, request this at check-in (do not email at this point). Please note that Wave 1 is the slowest wave by design to reduce the spread of swimmers along the length of the course for safety purposes. We ask that you refrain from requesting wave changes as this complicates the process of producing accurate results.

3.    WETSUIT and NON-WETSUIT DIVISION CHANGES:  Yes, you can do this on the day of the event.  If the published wave sheet does not reflect your planned competition division (Wetsuit vs. No Wetsuit), FIRST check in, THEN GO TO THE CHANGE TABLE where you will complete the change.  The last we checked the lake temp was about 68 degrees F.  Official lake bouy temperature site (Note click on the red bouy in Lake Washington on this site – FYI water temp is not always displaying on this site)

4.    TRAVEL AND TRAFFIC:  The Seattle to Portland bike ride will be taking place on the same day and there will be many cyclists on the road that morning.  They will be traveling on Lake Washington Blvd through the Arboretum (and crossing Madison St) as well as along the route to the race starting point.  Please plan your route and timing accordingly and be extra aware of cyclists (when driving and opening doors, etc.)  We are not aware of any major freeway/road/lane closures that would significantly affect your travel to Madison Park this year.  As a reminder. The address of Madison Park Beach is 1900 43rd Ave E, Seattle WA.

5.    PARKING: Please carpool with friends if at all possible and give yourself extra time to find appropriate legal street parking.   Parking is typically more available on the streets south of Madison Street.  Please read parking regulation signage carefully as no parking and time limits are enforced.  Please, please do not park in front of businesses on Madison and adjoining streets. The businesses need those spaces for their patrons.   Be prepared to walk a few blocks to the beach from where you parked.

6.    STRAGGLERS AND TIME LIMIT: Maintaining everyone's safety is key so we need to keep you bunched together and within a certain distance from a lifeguard.  Stragglers and those who are not on track to finish the race in 2 hours (e.g. not past 1.5 mile mark in one hour) will be asked to get out of the water onto one of our support boats. If we need to pull you, please don't argue.   Anyone behind the cutoff jeopardizes the safety of the event and limits our ability to bring this event to you again next year.

7.    TROUBLE ON THE COURSE: We certainly hope you won't have any, but just in case...UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD ANYONE SWIM TO THE SHORE AND GO HOME.   If you can’t finish, please flag a guard or kayak to be pulled onto a motor boat.  If you head for shore we’ll have no idea that you’ve left and will see yourself on the evening news as missing.  A lifeguard or boat will be closer to you than the shore. 

8.    WHAT TO BRING: This may seem obvious, but just in case: make a checklist or pack your bag ahead of time so you don't forget anything. Swimsuit, goggles, wetsuit (if applicable), body-glide, towel, warm clothes, hat, gloves for before and after (even if the weather is warm, being in the water for a while will lower your body temp), water bottle, pre-race food etc. We encourage everyone to hydrate before you swim! Eat if you need to eat. Anything else? Put it on your list, you might not be quite awake when it's time to go on Saturday.   USMS rules govern this race — the following equipment is NOT ALLOWED: fins, pull buoy, paddles, snorkel, floating buoy, ipod, etc.  Please note you will get a plastic bag with your swimmer number at check-in for putting your shoes and clothing items you wear to the start of the race.  A truck will transport these to the finish line.  Please avoid bringing unnecessary valuables to the event.  There will be complimentary food snacks and drinks for all participants at Madison Park after you complete your swim.

9.    TIMING CHIP – You will get a timing chip upon check-in.  Please affix to your body (after wetsuit is on if applicable) as soon as possible to avoid losing or misplacing it.  At the finish line we will remove the chips for you. If you don’t swim or don’t come through the finish line, please ensure you return your chip to someone at the finish line or a race official.  Swimmers who lose timing chips will be asked to pay $20 fee to cover replacement cost.

10.  SWIMMER CHECK-IN/OUT OF WATER – We are serious about accounting for every swimmer in/out of the water.  Before the start of the race at Day Street Boat Ramp, we will ask you to line-up by wave and then numerical order and we will check off each swimmer who enters the water.  When you finish the race, volunteers will also be tracking you so please allow them time to do this before rushing out of the finish chute.  We will also be tracking who arrives in from support boats.

11.  MERCHANDISE – Your event t-shirt in your ordered size will be provided to you at check-in.  If you ordered a hoodie, that will also be provided to you at that time.  T-shirts and hoodies must be picked up at the event. We will have some other cool Fat Salmon merchandise available at the event so check it out.

12.  DRAWING FOR PRIZES– Enter your name at the event for various cool swim accessory prizes.  Must be present to get prize. Blueseventy and Swim Across America have each donated some nice items such as swimmer float bouys and goggles.

13.  REFUNDS & SUBSTITUIONS - When you registered, you agreed to a non-refundable, non-transferable, non-deferrable entry to this year’s race.  We’re so sorry if you are unable to swim for any reason but there are no refunds or substitutions.  Please consider coming to volunteer or cheer on others; you can still pick up your cap and t-shirt too.

14.  LATE / DAY OF RACE REGISTRATION – We do have about 10 spots for late and day of race registration.  If you know someone who wants to still sign-up, let them know we are re-opening registration starting Friday, 7/12 and it will close on Saturday, 7/13, at 6:30am or when full.  www.fatsalmonswim.com.    Late registrations should go directly to the change table as they won’t yet have a wave assignment.

15.  THANKS TO OUR VOLUNTEERS – In addition to the months of planning efforts of the Orca Swim Team volunteer planning committee, we have over 80 other volunteers that help do things the day of the event.   If you have chance to thank some of our volunteers, please do so!

16.  THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS – The financial and in-kind support of our sponsors subsidizes the substantial costs of putting on this event.  Our supporting sponsors this year are: Blueseventy, SwimTrek, Gentle Giant Moving Company, Wild Salmon Seafood Market, New Roots Organics, Essential Baking Company, Einstein Co. Bagels, Starbucks, Porkchop Screen Printing, Clif Bar, and Trader Joes.  Please support these businesses and let them know you appreciate their support of Fat Salmon! https://fatsalmonswim.com/sponsors.

17.  QUESTIONS? If you have any, check the FAQ’s on our website or the full official race information found on the registration page: If you don't see the answer there, please be sure to ask at the pre-race meeting, so that others can benefit from your question and our answers.

Thank you for your reading through this information we look forward to bringing you another awesome event!


Jim Lasersohn

Fat Salmon Open Water Swim Race Director